Review Dolmar PS-350

Chainsaw Dolmar PS-350 Review

How it’s going, bro? Look what we have for you today. Chainsaw Dolmar PS-350!
We make review + photo + video + average price(in the end of article).

Dolmar PS-350 large saw with a 40cm chain. Here we go!

Where can use:

  • agriculture, horticulture and gardening
  • forest works, cutting and bucking of solid trees
  • maintenance, crown repair, trimming and cutting deadwood
  • felling trees and cutting firewood

Chainsaw Dolmar PS-350

Features and Specifications

Let’s talk about chainsaw features and technical specifications. What we have here? (If you use this saw pls write your experience of use in comments).

    Technical Specifications:

  • Displacement – 35 cc
  • Max engine speed – 13,500 rpm
  • Power rating – 1.5 kW (2.0 HP)
  • Fuel tank capacity – 0.48 l (16.2 oz)
  • Oil tank capacity – 0.28 l (9.5 oz)
  • Net weight – 4.8 kg (10.56 lbs)
  • Standard guide bar – 14″
  • Optional guide bars – 16″
  • Chain pitch – 3/8 “
  • Chain gauge – .050
    Chainsaw futures

Haha, i think it’s minute of advertising. But we need to talk about Dolmar PS-350 real futures.
Here we have an adjustable oil pump. For what? Saw will be disabled if engine idling. Okay, clear, go ahead.
I saw big tank cap. Future, really? Yes, boy. You will work with fuel and when it easy to change – it make work more safely.
SafetyMatic chain brake. Hmmm. About when something goes wrong – your hands and other people will be safe. Engines shut off in one touch.
End last little plus – tool-less air filter maintenance. Clean hands. Nice.
Summer/winter operation. I didn’t use it yet. Maybe you knew something about it?

Average price Dolmar PS-350: 390$

in hand

Look how it works (author video – Gokhun):

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