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protective helmet for working with saw

safety first!

We really love our work. Someone works with the circular saws, someone with the chainsaws. We devote ourselves completely to our work. We make calculations, measurements. We are swallowed by our favorite deed.
Our main tool is completely focused on our favorite business. We will talk about the protection of this tool. How to leave your head protected? And how to choose the best protective helmet? Let’s figure it out!
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    What is a protective helmet for working with a saw?
  1. Protection of eyes and face.
  2. Protection of the skull.
  3. Protection of ears from the noise.

Of course, we can buy separately headphones, glasses and a helmet. This will also be great! See?

Just kidding!
But here we sawskilled. And we know really cool professional protective helmets and tell you about them today!
husqvarna protective helmet
That’s how it looks. All in one – headphones, helmet, face shield holder!

    What should you pay attention to?

  • Materials.
    The helmet must be made of strong plastic.
  • The visor.
    A Face shield holder – mast protect from small sawdust. But with good visibility!
  • Headphones.
    Ask the dealer: What is the strength (in dB) of the headphones?

This is the basis.

protective helmet efco

Also! Pay attention:

How to fasten the visor to the helmet? How many point suspension?
Does the plastic protect against UV-resistant? We work on the street and the sun can also hurt!
How does the helmet sit on the head? Are you comfortable?
At what minimum and maximum temperature can you work in a protective helmet?
Can I adjust the height of the headphones?
You must answer all these questions.

And of course – be careful! Keep an eye on the environment. Weather conditions, sharp movements, branches can swiftly find their way down – especially after a storm, sawdust into the eyes.
And share your experience in the comments.

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