Husqvarna 240 review

Husqvarna 240 16″ Chainsaw review

A beverage of the paraprofessional degree – Husqvarna 240, a source which needs to be adequate for the person who owns the suburban or personal residence. The motor of 38.2 cm ³ and also the ability of 1.5 kw will have the ability to deal with the job in the nation’s website, however there might not be adequate to harvest firewood for the winter.
The conventional 40-inch circuit breaker using its function is managed, along with the internet feedback of this major sprocket and therefore are far more inclined to imply that not many users of their chainsaw are knowledgeable about the principle of their three “3-2-1” components. When you replace the 3 circuits, then the asterisk need to alter and substitute the 2 sprockets together with the tyre.



  • Cylinder displacement 38.2 cm³
  • Cylinder displacement 2.3 cu.inch
  • Power output 2 hp
  • Maximum power speed 9000 rpm
  • Recommended bar length, max 16 in
  • Recommended bar length, min 13 in
  • Weight 10.3 lbs

As chainsaw bar sizes increase, so will the chance of kickback, and also the Husqvarna 240 features a technical feature to deal with this problem. The inertia-activated chain brake stops the series’s rotation round the saw in case the chainsaw goes straight back. Especially rotational kickback, kick-back, propels the watched bar. If it does occur, this feature wont spare you from kick-back but prevents further injury.
Husqvarna 240 E could be published, both within China and in the USA (based upon the year of problem). Note that its customers are likely to whine about oil intake, the need and also the difficulties of retention that is idle. The saw is more suitable to utilize the capacity to adjust the chain tension.
Manufacturer recommended it for jobs such as trimming, lighter jobs and hobby job. Easy to operate and start, thanks to built-in Husqvarna features such as design, easing strong and technology engine with low emissions.

Average price Husqvarna 240 16″: 180$


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