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Which chainsaw manufacturer to choose? Fast review!

Chainsaw market represents large by European brands. They are, of course, the best in their business, their products are recognized throughout the world and have the highest quality at a price above average. But we should not forget the firms that offer budget models: their products, although sometimes a little less reliable, with a small price these laws find their consumer.

Chainsaw manufacturer:


STIHL chainsaw
STIHL is a German company with nearly a century of history, which created the world’s first electric motor saw and currently occupies one of the leading positions in the drinking market. STIHL manufactures chainsaws in all classes — domestic, farm and professional, and also has a special series for rescuers.
If believe feedbacks, the quality of your products is very high if you buy original products. The price range for the company’s products is quite wide.
Average price: 250$ started


Husqvarna chainssaw
This Swedish company has more than 300 years history and is considered the world’s largest producer of drinking, garden tools, and equipment. The chain shows the chainsaws Husqvarna all three classes, and even the most budgetary options have many positive responses. The main problem for all European producers is the high cost of spare parts.
Average price: 340 – 570$


Emak chainsaw
The Italian concern “Emak” issues the chainsaws of Oleo-Mac and Efco. In the meantime, Oleo-MAC products are implemented at a very good level.

Consumer feedback (Google to check):

“The Efco MT4100 has been serving us well since the day it was purchased. It’s a nice handling and cutting saw with good features, and I also like the adjustable metal oil pump. I would buy it again.”

Average price(GAS): 230 – 670$


Dolmar electric chainsaw
German company “Dolmar”, which has been issuing chainsaws for dozens of years, joined in 1991 as a member of the largest Japanese Makita, known almost every amateur or professional as a producer Electrical. Makita, after the acquisition of the German plant, connected to the manufacture of the chainsaw and now releases them immediately under two brands, Dolmar and Makita. Also at this factory is a Cub Cadet for MTD.
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Average price(GAS): 410 – 500$
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Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an unequivocal answer to the question of which chainsaw is better off in the home. Everything depends on the buyer’s capabilities and needs. If you need to sawing firewood and trim trees in the garden, you can consider simple household options for small dimensions and power. For frequent use or large amounts of work, it is better to consider the farm type of products.

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