Bosch GKS 18V LIN Circular saw

The Bosch GKS 18V-LI Circular Saw Review

Like most Bosch circular saw, GKS 18V LIN has its own standard and special features. Let’s enumerate each one of them. Bosch circular saw

    Features and Specifications of Bosch circular saw – GKS 18V LIN

  • Bosch GKS is specifically designed to support your elbows during cutting. It has a soft-grip handle that allows you to work without experiencing any discomfort over extended use.
  • You can easily adjust its body parts to fit your arm length. With regards to its capacity and endurance, Bosch GKS uses an 18v Li-Ion battery, which is the general battery for a circular saw.
  • It weighs 4.1 kilograms, which is the average load of circular saws.
  • Unlike most circular saws, Bosch GKS can run without connecting it to a power source because of its cordless technology.
  • GKS uses a 165mm wide TCT blade, which is the standard version of most circular saws.
  • Bosch GKS, in average, can reach a maximum depth of 51mm at 90 degrees and 40mm at 45 degrees cut. This makes Bosch GKS ideal for both angular and straight cuts.
  • It can run on at a consistent speed of 3800rpm without a loading speed.
  • Bosch GKS 18V LIN Circular saw

    Looking at Bosch circular saw GSK, we can say that it is really an ideal tool to solve most of your cutting problem. It still needs some improvement and might not have all the things you want in a power tool. However, we’re giving it an 8.5 over 10 ratings because like most circular saws, the Bosch GSK is created to provide an efficient, portable, and powerful experience to every user. Bosch GKS 18V LIN Circular saw kit
    Is this power tool worth the shot? Practically speaking, yes, but if you want to find a tool that requires more power and dynamics, there are still better circular saws out there that may fit your needs and preferences.

    Average price Dolmar PS-350: 155$

    Interesting comment:

    ” Hello there,
    Big thanks for a great purchase again.
    This saw does the job what you are expected to do so.
    Cut through all variety of wood including oak, pine, pine posts and chip boards.
    Make sure your blade is designed to cut all of the highest task to give you expected finish as the number of tooth takes the key role.
    I am using 4ah 2 x Bosch batteries and the jobs seems like is never ending for this peace of tool and material to get the best end finish.
    Used to cut, trim 8 internal oak doors, allotments posts and planks to required size with no effort going through them as like knife in a batter.
    Perfect around the house and much more.. “

    In hand(video review today)

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