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Biggest Chainsaws in the World for Heavy-Duty Jobs

For felling trees like giant redwoods and sequoias, heavy-duty chainsaws are the only ones that can do the job. With trees so formidable, we wonder: Are there biggest chainsaws out there for them?

Top 5 Biggest Chainsaws in the World

1. Husqvarna 3120 XP

Chainsaw Husqvarna  3120 XP
This is the biggest commercially-available chainsaw in the world. Weighing in at 22.9 lbs., the Husqvarna 3120 XP is best for extreme logging and stump work. With its SmartStart technology, it saves you from putting effort in pulling the starter cord to start the engine. It also has a LowVib feature for low-impact vibrations that causes less aches and pains the next day. With these two features, starting the engine and operating the machine become easy. Its fuel tank volume is relatively small giving you the ability to see the fuel level.
It is advised you store this chainsaw with both the fuel and chain oil tanks empty and spark plug cap removed.

2. Stihl MS 880 MAGNUM

chainsaw MS 880 MAGNUM
Weighing 21.6 lbs., the MS880 Magnum model is STIHL’s largest and most powerful chainsaw meant for forestry professionals. MS 880 MAGNUM features STIHL ElastoStart reducing the shock caused by compression of the engine during starting with the help of a decompression valve. It also has a compensator and side chain tensioner. Apart from its anti-vibration system that lessens vibrations at the handles, it also has Ematic chain lubrication system helpful in achieving longer wear, maximum lubrication, and less oil consumption.
It is ideal for regular use because of its HD2 filter and controlled-delivery oil pump. Refueling has never been easier for its toll-free filler caps.

3. Makita DCS9010/74

chainsaw makita DCS9010
This Makita model with its 30ʺ cutting bar and weighing 18.07 lbs. is designed for felling larger trees. Even with its weight, it is surprisingly easy to handle and well balanced. It quickly cuts through woods without causing you fatigue due to its anti-vibration system. It features both chain brake and inertia brake for the user’s safety. It also has a decompression valve, double air filtration system, and a diecast aluminum crank case.
This is ideal not only for professionals, but also for homeowners as it can do most regular gardening tasks with less hassle. It offers excellent quality and great value for your money.

4. ECHO CS 800P

chainsaw ECHO CS 800P
The ECHO company offers this model for the toughest jobs of professional loggers. Weighing 16.5 lbs. with 28.9 fl. oz. fuel capacity, it delivers quality performance making it a reliable chainsaw for heavy-duty work. Its Performance Cutting System has been improved from the last model, with its upgraded bar and aggressive chain. Its bar lengths come in 24ʺ, 27ʺ, 32ʺ, and 36ʺ lengths, and it is also easy to clean and change filters because of its tool-less air filter cover.
Aside from system features for smooth starting of the engine, this machine also has automatic chain lubrication. It is a great buy being a reliable and powerful tool.

5. Jonsered CS 2188

This chainsaw is made for full-time forestry professionals, not for your common run-of-the-mill landscaping tasks. It has turbo air cleaning system that removes up to 97% of the sawdust before reaching the air filter, thus making it last even longer than usual. Its Spin Start function helps reduce resistance in the starter cord by up to 40 %. Its other unique features include vibration dampening and quick acceleration.chainsaw jonsered CS 2188 This machine also comes with an adjustable oil pump, a rubber-coated handle, and an extra tank protection.
You can also opt for a wrap handle to work easily with big trees in steep terrains. Its bar length ranges from 18ʺ to 28ʺ and it weighs 15.6 lbs.

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The end…Oh, of course, look Husqvarna 3120 XP in work. Powerfully!

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